"What it is" vs. "what it is for"

A common question goes like this:
I have my house insurance documentation. Should that be stored in a system like Insurance > House or House > Insurance?
The answer is: you just have to decide what feels right for you. There is no 'correct' answer here.
I tend to find that most of us prefer one way or the other. Go with that.

That was a lame answer

Okay okay, there are other tricks. But you probably don't need them.
I invented JD while managing a contemporary dance performance with a couple of friends. Four people have four different brains, so I thought I'd run in to this problem all of the time.
I imagined that I'd create shortcuts/symlinks/whatever in folders to automatically link to another folder. I never did – people just figured it out. Maybe they had to ask me the first time, but then they remembered.

Write little notes to yourself

This can help. A text file (keep it simple! If I see you launching Word I'll come and chop your fingers off) with a pointer to the 'other' folder is sometimes all it needs.
This page was created because somebody mailed me with a question. That's great motivation for me. Feel free to do the same.