The Johnny.Decimal 'playground'

What's a playground? Where am I?
2022-11-03 note: this site is way out of date and no longer used. Some time in the next few months I'll rebuild the main site and consolidate any of the relevant content from this area. For now you should probably ignore this.
What is this and what will I find here?
If you've come directly here and aren't already familiar with the Johnny.Decimal system, this probably won't make much sense.
Check out the main site first. 👍🏽


The main site contains articles that are mature. Ideas that are less mature will start here and may graduate to the main site in time.
Some of the articles here may be little more than placeholders. That's why this thing is called a 'playground' and not a 'blog'. It's a place for my brain to dump ideas.
There's no chronological order to the things here. They're just thoughts. If you ask me a question via email, I'll probably respond with a page here so that everyone can reference it.


I'm teaching myself to code so that I can write some tools to support the system. I'll keep notes about that separate, so if you're not in to JavaScript or what have you, you can just ignore it and know you're not missing anything. This is all under the JavaScript header.


Random stuff. Probably not useful.